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How to Find the Right Blush for Your Skin

Gone are the days when women stuck to one color blusher usually pinks or peaches. Now days, blushers come in a whole new variety of colors and different formulations. There are vast array of clever new formulas. The main choices are traditional powder, a cream texture, a modern liquid or a gel finish. So there is certainly one out there to suit your skin type. Powder blush is the easiest to use. If you prefer this type, choose one that isn’t too sparkly or it’ll enhance your wrinkles. Shimmery blushers are far kinder to mature skin as they diffuse fine lines, making the delicate skin around your cheeks look younger. And as your skin feels drier as you get older, you could also try moisturizing cream formula that gives a flattering sheen to your skin. All Skin Types Right type: LIQUID CHEEK STAINS Reason: They’re excellent for all skin types and face shapes, as you can use a little to achieve a natural flush of color, or layer to build up the shading to an intense hue that will last all through the day. How to apply: They work best on bare cheeks and need to be applied quickly to avoid mistakes. Apply powder blusher over cheek stains for ultimate staying powder. Dry or Combination Skin Right type: CREAM Reason: Cream blusher is the best if you have dry to combination skin as there’s no powder to sit on your dry patches. Also, the texture helps your skin maintain...

Getting the Right Face Makeup

For makeup lovers, enthusiasts, and professionals, the face serves as the blank canvass in their artistry for beauty. And like any canvass should be, the face must be smooth and clean as much as possible for a nice finish. Although a clear smooth skin should initially serve as a good natural makeup, not everyone is blessed with it. Women with imperfect skin, however, need not to fret because face makeup would serve handy to them. Face makeup creates that perfect base on your face for all other cosmetics to start with. It covers your skin imperfection and lays down a smooth canvass every makeup brush would love to stroke. A foundation, concealer, and press powder are basically examples of face makeup. There is a lot of it in the market. Some women try to get all the three and the best brand. But the secret really in buying a good face makeup is to get something that matches up your skin. Later, you will realize that you don’t really need to have the three and you will be surprised how much money you can save. Thus, before hitting beauty shops for a face makeup, know you skin type first. Determine if you have oily, dry, or combination skin. A particular face makeup is especially designed for the type of skin you have so you would achieve the look you want. If you have an oily skin, for instance, you should get a foundation that would not melt into your skin or that would not easily...