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Why You Should Never Share Your Makeup

You should never share your makeup products because borrowing or lending cosmetics can cause diseases such as pink eye, and can even lead to skin infections like ringworm. Did You Know? The FDA discourages sharing of makeup items as this habit paves way for some nasty infections. Sharing makeup tips amongst each other can help you know beauty secrets for a flawless skin, but when it comes to sharing makeup products it is a strict no-no. Health experts are unanimous about the need to stop the habit of lending or borrowing makeup. Although the habit of sharing anything from games to food has been inculcated since childhood, it is of utmost importance that you purchase your own makeup products and avoid sharing them with anyone. From a health standpoint, sharing makeup products can be risky. This bad habit can make you susceptible to a wide range of infections, the most common being pink eye. The frequent handling of cosmetic products makes it a potent source of bacterial growth and contamination. The bacteria residing on these products can easily get transferred onto your skin while doing your makeup. So, borrowing a makeup brush or lipstick from your friend is like asking for skin infections. Also, if your friend is least bothered about cleaning her makeup kit, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get an infection from sharing her cosmetics. Infections That You...

Lancome Makeup: Innovative Formulas and Color-Intense

Getting the right makeup is essential for every woman. Makeup is to which women usually rely on to achieve the desirably beautiful look they want. Beyond that, however, it is also to which they trust their skin with. Since it is important for every woman to keep their skin healthy smooth and clear, it is very important to get a makeup that won’t damage your skin while giving you long-lasting and attractive makeup glow. And one of the trusted names in the makeup world is the Lancome makeup. Lancome makeup is just one of the many high-end makeup brands that most women anywhere in the world patronize. In fact, it is considered one of the giants in the global cosmetics industry. Lancome Cosmetics is the holding company name for the upscale Lancome makeup. Initially established as a fragrance powerhouse in France in 1935, the company has grown to be one of the strongest and most popular cosmetics or makeup company for the upscale market with global presence in over 163 countries. Lancome Hypnose Star mascara Armand Petitjean founded the company, which initially carries the symbol of a red rose that best represents the beauty of a woman. The name Lancome was derived from the castle ruins of Le Chateau de Lancome in France. It arrived in the United States in 1950, when the company decided to expand its products from perfumes to makeup. Lancome makeup holds to its commitment to develop...